Cuba is ours

Since last July 11, my Cuba has lived very tense days, of wakefulness and suffering. It never crossed my mind that in so many years of the Revolution, such degrading events would take place.

It is not a problem of political conviction, from my perspective I consider it of dignity. How is it possible that we exhort our children to vandalism, violence and contempt?

Our country has always breathed an air of tranquility, of solidarity between neighbors, of brotherhood. For that reason I consider these events unusual.

Many people with different criteria, which I respect, have approached me, but what I will never share is that feeling of hatred, that incitement to wrongdoing, negative behaviors and such demonstrations, which had nothing of peaceful.

How could be possible that there are people who believe that a military intervention would bring us benefits; they do not know history, they do not know how much suffering the world experiences daily due to protests, how many young people die and many resources are scarce.

We are a peaceful country, with our shortcomings, yes, but with dignity, the dignity they wanted to take from us a few days ago, but which they will never achieve, because despite all the difficulties we show the world that Yes we can, Yes we could and Yes we will.

There are many people who are dazzled by Social Networks, that imaginary world built through what we want to show, in this case manipulation, the call to violence, disrespect and the lack of common sense was evident.

And I say it like this because I am outraged that there are unscrupulous people, who have a price, because they have it, it will already be demonstrated how they were paid to create public disorder and attack our government.

Many believe that the issue is politics and they launch offenses without having any knowledge of what they are talking about, for me it goes much further because it is ideology, it is homeland, it is sovereignty, it is my flag, my anthem, it is every expression of love, it is each mother who fights for the well-being of her family, it is virtue, courage, heart and integrity.

That is why the family has an essential role in this regard, when it comes to guiding children, promoting true values. To my pride I have always had the best example and I will never share or defend that unfortunate event.

I fully agree with what was expressed by our president Díaz-Canel: “Attacks against the forces of order, vulgarity, and that also wounds the feelings of the Cubans, of the revolutionaries. That is not the behavior we want in a Cuban,  that is not the behavior that solves the problems we have.

The message is clear: no more confrontation, no more manipulation, no more aggression, no more interference, no more BLOCKADE.

Let’s build a better future, starting from our own efforts, which is so called by the top management of our country.

And I consider myself a critical person, with my feet on the ground and with my dignity held high, that’s why not just anyone convinces me with his cheap speech.

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