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Cuban Radio / Traduction by Gilda Gil - 18 September 2021

Vietnam's president to begin official visit to Cuba. Vietnam's President Nguyen Xuan Phuc will begin a three-day official visit to Cuba as of Saturday, September 18, diplomatic sources in Hanoi and Havana confirmed. 

Cuban Radio / Traduction by Gilda Gil - 11 September 2021

The immunization schedule for pediatric ages was announced. The mass vaccination against Covid-19 with the Soberana 02 vaccine for ages between 12 and 18 years began this last Sunday in Cuba, and is expected to last until next November 5th, health authorities reported.

Mission of the Cuban Radio

The Cuban Radio System is a state entity of the Cuban Radio and Television Institute (ICRT), established to supervise, monitor, analyze and organize the creative process and the development of national radio.

The Institute has a vice-president -who runs the entire radio system, three general directors and nine methodological directors, as well as 96 stations located throughout the country.

The mission of the approximately 7,000 workers of the Cuban Radio System is to offer a programming of high political, ideological, social, ethical and aesthetic values, in line with the Battle of Ideas fought in Cuba.

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María Josefina Arce / Radio Havana Cu - 15 September 2021

In times of pandemic, psychology has also played an essential role in Cuba in the support and accompaniment of health orientations to face COVID 19, but fundamentally, in the attention to those convalescing from the disease who face several sequels that limit their reincorporation to daily life.

Radio Havana Cuba - 13 September 2021

The Cuban Academy of Science (CAS)issued a report on Monday that concludes that the "mysterious syndrome" narrative attributed to health incidents described as  ”sonic attacks” by diplomats stationed in Havana is not scientifically acceptable in any of its components and it hs survived due to a biased use of science.

Ed Newman / RHC - 11 September 2021

As the United States commemorates the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, families of the victims and others demand to know the truth about the deadliest strike on American soil and who was responsible for it.

Isel Quintana / Radio Rebelde - 06 September 2021

The resurgence of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government on Cuba has had a direct impact on monetary and financial operations, as well as on the decrease in the productive activity of the five business groups which are part of the local Ministry of Finance. Industries (MINDUS).

From Social Media

COVID-19 Child Vaccination in Cuba is not Mandatory

CubaNew / ACN

IMAGE The ongoing nationwide COVID-19 vaccination of children and adolescents in Cuba is not mandatory, said the head of the National Pediatrics Group with the Cuban Health Ministry, Lissette Lopez.

Masters of Cuban Rum have a new Facebook profile

Prensa Latina Agency

IMAGE The Cuba Ron S.A Corporation presented a new profile on Facebook dedicated to the Cuban Rum Masters Movement, a space to share the knowledge of the creators of Cuban spirits.

Martyrs of the Cuban foreign service remembered

Prensa Latina Agency

IMAGE Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez today remembered the martyrs of the country's foreign service, on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the assassination of diplomat Félix García.

On the Radio

Pedro Manuel Otero / Radio Havana Cuba - 16 September 2021

Popular Dominican singer Ángela Carrasco shared with CMKC listeners in Santiago de Cuba, memories and yearnings of an artistic career that has left its imprint in Latin American audiences .

Josefa Bracero Torres / National Radio Award - 16 September 2021

What could I say about Franklin!  Simply that his talent and total dedication to the radio never lessened, and thus he continued the work of his father, Feliciano Reinoso Ramos, who together with Lorenzo Martin, as a translator, narrated live from the Manolin Álvarez station in Caibarién, the fight in New York between Argentine Luis Ángel Firpo and American Jack Dempsey, on September 14, 1923. 

MSc. Mileidy Martinez Traduction By Gilda Gil - 12 September 2021

The presence of Cuban radio programs on digital networks and platforms is growing, but even this option continues to be viewed with certain distrust. Why? Fear of the unknown, undervaluation of the scope that these media can have, and the audiences that consume the programs are unspecified.

Reinado Cedeño Pineda - 08 September 2021

When Jailer Cañizares attended the scene on Radio Progreso of a heartbroken mother upon receiving the news of her son's death, and saw actress Aurora Pita come from afar, from beyond the studio, and approach the microphone with a scream burning her life was then that he realized that those subtleties, that the wonders sound was capable of achieving, were definitely his affair.

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